Audio Guides

To be able to use our museum’s audio guides, you simply need your own mobile device (cell phone) and your own headset. Inside the museum as well as in the park you can access our Wi-Fi free of charge.

An audio guide gives you the opportunity to explore both museum and park on your own in the course of a round tour. You have the choice between four tours: A tour for adults and children, a round tour of the park and an audio-guided tour of the Undercover soil parcours. Tours of the permanent exhibition and the park are also available in English language.

The audio guides can be found at the following Internet address:

The audio clips for the separate tours are structured numerically. You can activate them with a single click.

Audio Guide Legal Notice

Scientific consulting and research: Dr. Heidrun Derks, Dr. Stefan Burmeister, Yvonne Jürgens, David Bergemann
Authors: Sabine Schiller, Birgit Erbach, Sigrid Rautenberg
Translators: Liz Robinson, Jerry Gerber, Sarah Tolley
Editing and dicrecting: Anja Penner, Liz Robinson
German: Thomas Thieme, Max Engelke, Christina Weidemann, Steffen Hampl, Jolande Blech, Peter Prautsch
English: Liz Robinson, Jerry Gerber, Dan Wesker, Andrew Boreham
Music selection: Liz Robinson
German: itour city guide GmbH, Sebastian von Sauter, Stefanie Georgi
English: Sebastian von Sauter, Stefanie Wüstemann
Coordination: Sebastian von Sauter

Curators: Dr. Heidrun Derks, Dr. Stefan Burmeister

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