Funding Organizations

Funding organizations – committed and visionary

No one had expected the following: The archaeological discoveries at Kalkriese immediately attracted an enormous response from the public. Every weekend, thousands went to Kalkriese to watch the excavations’ progress. The first exhibition, shown in 1993, quickly became a crowd magnet. As early as 1996, the information center including the permanent exhibition »Varus Battle – A Legend is Unearthed« opened in Kalkriese. In the meantime, public interest continued to grow.

What was still unimaginable in 1990 and even seemed utopic in 1997 became reality: In 1999, the first steps of construction for »Museum und Park Kalkriese« began. One year later, the park opened, followed by the new museum on April 21, 2002. This development would not have been possible without the committed funding organizations – the foundation of the savings banks in the county of Osnabrück, the Lower Saxony savings banks foundation as well as the county of Osnabrück itself. They assumed responsibility for this project with political foresight and great commitment.

In 1996, the savings banks established the foundation of the savings banks of Osnabrück County and assumed responsibility for the construction and future of the new museum. This step was received with nationwide recognition and attention.

The district of Osnabrück drove the project forward with political courage and strong will. It contributed to the investments for the new building, research costs and the ongoing operation.

The funding organizations and other institutions also committed themselves lastingly to the events in the context of the »2,000 Years Varus Battle« anniversary. A new visitor center was built, offering space for special exhibitions and conferences. Within the framework of the cooperation »IMPERIUM KONFLIKT MYTHOS. 2000 Jahre Varusschlacht«, the permanent exhibition on the Varus Battle was also revised and updated. The special exhibition »KONFLIKT« could be shown in the new visitor center from May 2009 to January 2010.

The district of Osnabrück and the foundation of the savings banks in the Osnabrück region continue to support the Varus Battle in the Osnabrück region. Investments, research costs and costs for the ongoing operation of the museum will continue to be secured through the efforts of the funding organizations.

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