Arminius, Varus and the battlefield at Kalkriese

An introduction to the archaeological investigations and their results - Rasch Verlag

Arminius, Varus and the battlefield at Kalkriese

Museum and Park have developed – certainly after the opening of the new exhibition in 2002 – towards one of the most important points of interest in the Osnabrück region. This book presents the results of archaeological and historical research work of the past years. The book’s aim is to introduce in word and vision the results of the world’s first methodical exploration of an antique battlefield to a broad public. Even before all scientific detailed evaluation will be finished the archaeologists work, the surrounding nature, the finds and features as well as the presumed course of the fights between Germanic tribesmen and Romans shall be briefly outlined.

Autor: Joachim Harnecker

Paperback - 111 pages

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