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What remains of a battle that took place more than 2,000 years ago?
Since 1989, systematic archaeological research has been carried out at Kalkriese. Thousands of finds have come to light – the showpiece is the Roman face mask of a rider’s helmet. But 2,000 years leave traces …

Every little find, even if it seems inconspicuous at first glance, provides the Kalkriese archaeologists with information about the Varus Battle. To this end, the artefacts must be restored. In particular the high salt content in the iron, due to the long storage in the ground, requires constant follow-up treatment. The stored salts combine with the water from the humidity in the air, swell up and crack the finds from the inside. Even already restored artefacts develop cracks and burst open after some time. In order to avoid their complete destruction, the finds must be continuously reworked and professionally stored.

VARUSSCHLACHT im Osnabrücker Land gGmbH takes on the challenge of preserving these valuable objects, which provide immense insights into the course of the battle and life 2,000 years ago, for future generations.

Please help us to preserve the finds from the ancient battlefield Kalkriese. Become a find sponsor for as little as EUR 75.00!

As a find sponsor, you make an important contribution. With your support, you are actively helping to preserve a cultural heritage and expressing your commitment to archaeological research in Kalkriese.

As a sponsor, you help us

>> to preserve the finds using state-of-the-art methods
>> to gain new insights into the course of the Varus Battle
>> to preserve the finds for future generations

Your benefit – our way of saying thank you

>> Invitations to events, guided tours and lectures
>> Special guided tours for sponsors
>> If you wish, you can be mentioned on the museum’s website
>> Your sponsorship is tax-deductible

Tip: A sponsorship is also a wonderful and unusual gift for friends, relatives and business partners!

For more information, please make a personal appointment with our conservator Christiane Matz, phone +49 (0)5468 9204-43, or send an e-mail to: christiane.matz@kalkriese-varusschlacht.de.

How do I become a sponsor?

Fill out the application form and send it via e-mail to: caroline.floering@remove-this.kalkriese-varusschlacht.de.

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