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Ancient authors on the issue of the Varus Battle

Velleius Paterculus

The Roman historian (Caius) Velleius Paterculus was born around 20/19 BC. He came of a family of the equestrian class and passed through several positions in his military career. In the years 1 - 4 AD, he accompanied Caius Iulius Caesar to the Parthians in the Middle East. Then in 9 AD, he took part in Tiberius’ campaigns in Pannonia and in Germania in 9 - 11 AD as well as in Tiberius’ triumphal procession in 12 AD in Rome. A last reference to his biography is provided by the dedication of his last work which is dated 30 AD or shortly before then. The year of his death is unknown.

»Historia Romana« – Velleius’ historical work is usually called »Compendium of Roman History«, the ancient name is unknown. It consists of two parts. In order to write about events in the past, he used the works of other authors, whereas he described Tiberius’ expeditions as a contemporary. His historical work is the only preserved description of Augustus’ and Tiberius’ times from the view of a contemporary witness.