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Ancient authors on the issue of the Varus Battle


Strabon was probably born in winter 64 / 63 BC in Amaseia, Asia Minor, and came of a family with good reputation who cultivated a friendship with the Pontic royal family. Educated by various well-known philosophers he arrived in Rome travelling via Egypt and Greece. There he writes historical and a geographical work in Greek. As usual, he made use of already published sources and seldom of contemporaries. His dry, sober and unemotional style corresponded to the prevailing taste. The precise year of his death around 23 AD is unknown.

»Geographiká Hypomnémata« – »Geographical Notes« was the name of the work – frequently quoted, gladly used by others in the ancient world. In contrast to many other works of Strabon, it has been preserved. Its quality varies due to the different levels of records and data Strabon used.