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The landscape intersection

A window into the soil archive

The landscape intersection acts like a historic showcase if one looks down onto it from the tower. Through cramped corridors narrowed by walls of corroded steel one reaches the ground level of Roman-Germanic time.

Here the rampart, which benefited the Germanic troops during the course of the battle, has been rebuilt to its full height. You can walk onto it from behind the parapet and one can change from the Germanic side to the Roman side through the gate.

Not far from the rampart, the remains of posts can be seen in the soil. These posts once supported the walls of a storage house which belonged to Germanic people living nearby. In the days of the battle, the storage house was probably long dilapidated and no longer visible on the surface.

Nearby there is a small moor lake similar to the ones often found in the time of Varus and Arminius. The rivulets and brooks which run down from the Kalkriese Hill never let the small pools and marshy spots dry out. The large moor in the north is situated right next to the small lake and the marshy landscape so that the Roman Army was forced to use the only strip of land which promised a safe passage: The path along the bottom of the hillside. The path along the Germanic rampart …