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Mission Statement

Varusschlacht im Osnabrücker Land gGmbH – Museum und Park Kalkriese is associated with a site of great historical value. In 2004, the site was awarded the Europa Nostra Award by the European Union and declared a European cultural heritage.

Since 1989, the archaeological site Kalkriese is researched systematically. The results and artefacts are evaluated in the context of the Varus Battle in the year 9 AD. Kalkriese is among the first antique battlefields which have undergone systematic archaeological scrutiny.

The research results assembled to date have garnered lasting attention of both national experts as well as of the general public. The iron face mask belonging to a Roman cavalry helmet found on site has become an internationally renowned trademark of Kalkriese and the Osnabrück region.

We wish to foster this research and contribute more scientific results: with a systematic, interdisciplinary and ground-breaking approach. We wish to be an open-minded place for research that always allows for discussion.

We wish to safeguard this cultural heritage, preserve and protect the archaeological finds with all required care and expertise in order to preserve this archaeological monument for future generations.

It is our goal to be a museum for everybody. To this end, the research results and the history of the Varus Battle are made available to a broad public – vividly, event- and action-oriented, informative and entertaining.

We wish to fuel our visitors’ interest in history, archaeology and the natural sciences – with precise, analytical and adequate information that is also entertaining and accessible. Our exhibitions, events, performances and join-in events serve to convey the meaning of this cultural heritage to our visitors.

Outside of school, we wish to be a site of education and hands-on experiences for young visitors and offer them playful, action- and event-oriented learning experiences.
We aim at conveying regional on-site education leading to sustainable development.

We wish to offer all our visitors a high-quality experience – free of barriers, as comfortable as possible, meeting the target group, service-oriented. They all shall have fond memories of their visit.

Museum und Park Kalkriese – its financiers and employees – will treat this cultural heritage site responsibly, based on the code of ethics for museums as stipulated by ICOM (The International Council of Museums) We work: As a team. In collaboration with other institutions. With the public.