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Guided tours for schools

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Kalkriese … the complete tour

This guided tour provides an overview of the Varus Battle and of the archaeological research in Kalkriese. It includes a historical introduction, a visit to the exhibition, and the ascent of the tower as well as an explanation of the surrounding landscape. On request, the topic »history of reception« can be chosen as a focal point.
Grade  5 – 13 / Age 9 – 19, indoor program
Duration 90 minutes
Fee: 6.00 € per pupil

Kalkriese: On Roman and Germanic tracks  

On the basis of research, the equipment, armament, techniques and battle strategies of the Roman and Germanic forces are presented. With hands-on experience, pupils learn the military strengths and weaknesses of both sides and explore the strategic meaning of the rampart construction. A visit to the exhibition completes the guided tour.  
Grade  4 – 7 / Age 9 – 13, outdoor program
Duration 90 minutes
Fees: 6.00 € per pupil   

Archaeology for children  

Using the example of our excavations, the work of an archaeological team is presented. Then the children conduct their »own little excavation« step by step.
Grade  1 – 4 / Age 6 – 11, indoor program
Duration 90 minutes
Fees: 6.00 € per pupil 

Not only battles and wars

The life of Roman and Germanic people 2000 years ago
The life and daily routine of Roman and Germanic people is brought into focus. How did they live? What did they wear? What did they play? – These are the questions that we will answer together. Taking part and »hands-on« are particularly encouraged.
Grade  1 – 7 / Age 6 – 13, indoor program
Duration 90 minutes
Fees: 6.00 € per pupil   

Story telling – experience history  

A story and a mysterious »treasure chest« accompany the children on a journey to the past. Together with Sigurd and Laeticia, they witness how Roman and Germanic people lived 2000 years ago and how the Varus Battle came to pass.
Grade  1 – 6 / Age 6 – 12, indoor program
Duration 90 minutes
Fees: 6.00 € per pupil 

Lucky charms from Kalkriese  

Luck does not grow on trees - not even 2000 years ago. Germanic people had lucky charms made of horn. In the course of this programme, each pupil will learn to work with horn and make his or her own lucky charm with handcraft techniques from the ancient world.
Grade  5 – 13 / Age 9 – 19
Duration 90 minutes
Fees: 7.00 € per pupil

Roman or germanic meal at the fireplace   

Roman meals:
»Eating and drinking keeps the body and the soul together« – this was once said by the ancient Greeks, but the Romans were no poor eaters either. After an introduction to the secrets of the Roman cuisine, we will proceed with the preparation of the food. Cooking and eating will take place at the open fireplace.
Grade  5 – 13 / Age 9 – 19, outdoor program
Puls – the daily cereal porridge of the Roman legionnaires – tastes better than it looks.
Fees: 6.00 € per pupil (to try)
7.00 € per pupil (to eat one’s fill)
Fricassee – original and deliciously prepared pork with herbs and apricots.
Fees: 8.00 € per pupil (to try)
9.00 € per pupil (to eat one’s fill)
Duration 2 – 2 1/2  hours (both options)

Germanic meal:
The Germanic people did not go down in history as gourmets. But how come? What did Germanic people eat 2000 years ago? What kind of food was available and how was it prepared? Cooking and eating will take place at the open fireplace.
Spelt soup – a nutritious, creamy vegetable soup with corn
Fees: 8.00 € per pupil (to try)
9.00 € per pupil (to eat one’s fill)
Millet gruel - even Germanic people liked something sweet like this millet gruel with honey and fruit.
Fees: 6.00 € per pupil (to try)
7.00 € per pupil (to eat one’s fill)  
Duration 2 – 2 1/2 hours (both options)

A fiery experience

2000 years ago, no lighters or matches existed. However, fire was still needed. Where did it come from? A hands-on experiment.
Grade  5 – 13 / Age 9 – 19
Duration 90 minutes
Fees: 7.00 € per pupil  

Moving on Roman tracks

All educational programmes may be combined with a moving experience. Tying in with the acquired knowledge on the historic event, young people experience in an adventurous ropes course the significance of individual human strength and weaknesses. Aren’t strength, stamina, determination and courage as important today as they were in antiquity?
Conducted by specially trained personal and instructed age appropriate pupils will experience in a playful manner in the low rope area their own ability. Older children may for example deepen their body control, self esteem and safety as a basis for sociability and social competence. For younger children the adventure of movement takes on the importance of teamwork experienced whilst copying excavation work. Moving on Roman tracks also means: running, balancing, jumping, brachiating, sliding, swinging, test your strength and enjoying life.
Grade  1 – 4 or 5 – 7
Duration 90 minutes educational programme plus 60 minutes ropes course.
Fees: 10.00 € per pupil 

Pathfinder or undercover agent  – scouting games for children  

Without a guide. The scouting game is suitable as an addition or to consolidate another programme. Alone or in small groups, the children explore the park. How did Germanic forces succeed in defeating the Romans? – This is the main question.
Grade  4 – 6 / Age 9 – 13
Duration approximately 45 – 60 minutes
Fees: 1.00 € per kit

Fit for a Day at the Museum

Be it breakfast, a snack inbetween meals or a lunch pack – our restaurant VARUSSCHLACHT on the museum’s premises offers affordable food especially for school classes.
Our booking service will gladly send you an offer of selected meals upon request. All meals can also be pre-ordered via phone.

For information please contact:
Booking service phone: +49 5468 9204 200
Gasthaus VARUSSCHLACHT phone: +49 5468 9396-0

The entrance fee for our exhibition of the Varus Battlee is included in the price for the guided tour.
Guided tours can only be carried out by museum personnel.
The accompanying adults are responsibility for the children during the visit.

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Seit 2011 unterstützt die Osnabrücker Friedel & Gisela Bohnenkamp-Stiftung die Zusammenarbeit zwischen Schulen und Museumspädagogik im Rahmen des Projekts »Museum macht Schule«. Getreu dem Stiftungsmotto »Bildung fördern – alle mitnehmen« soll die Kooperation möglichst vielen Schülern die Teilnahme an den vielfältigen pädagogischen Angeboten in Kalkriese ermöglichen. Dazu wurden in den letzten Jahren zahlreiche Schulpartnerschaften ins Leben gerufen. Die Bohnenkamp-Stiftung fördert auch aktuell weitere museumspädagogische Projekte in Museum und Park Kalkriese.

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