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Wanted: Sponsors for Finds

We need your support!

What remains of a battle that took place more than 2,000 years ago?
Since 1989, Kalkriese has been the site of ongoing and systematic archaeological research. Thousands of finds were unearthed in the process, the most spectacular find being a facial mask belonging to a Roman cavalry helmet. But 2,000 years also left their traces …

Rost 080 kl For Kalkriese’s archaeologists, each single find – even the tiniest one – harbors a wealth of information about the famous Varus Battle, even if such finds seem insignifciant at first sight. To reveal their secrets, these objects must be restored. In particular the high concentrations of salt in iron artefacts, accumulated during their long stay in the soil, require constant care. The salts stored in the finds bond with water provided by air humidity, causing them to expand and thus destroying the finds from the inside: Eventually they will burst. Even artefacts that have already been restored will show cracks after a while and are prone to bursting. To avoid their complete destruction, the finds must be treated on a regular basis and stored under special conditions.

VARUSSCHLACHT im Osnabrücker Land gGmbH takes on the task of securing these precious artefacts, also for future generations, as these finds yield important insights about the course of the battle and how people lived 2,000 years ago.

Help us to preserve the finds from the antique battle field of Kalkriese. Adopt a find for a minimum payment of 75.00 Euro!

As adopter of a find, you are making an important contribution: With your support, you actively help us to preserve a cultural heritage while showing how much you care about archaeological research in Kalkriese.
As Sponsor of a Find You Help Us
>> to preserve the finds based on state-of-the-art methods
>> to gain new insights about the events of the Varus Battle
>> to secure these finds for appreciation by future generations
Your Advantages – Our Way to Thank You
>> You will receive invitations to events, guided tours and lectures
>> Special guided tours for adopters of finds are available
>> Upon request, you will be listed as a supporter on the museum’s website

We also recommend sponsorship of a find as a thoughtful and unique gift to friends, relatives and business partners!

For more information, please contact our conservator Christiane Matz, phone: +49 [0] 5468 9204-43, or our excavation technician Klaus Fehrs, phone: +49 [0] 5468 9204-41,


How Can I Adopt a Find?

We will gladly take the time to answer your questions personally. Please send an e-mail with the subject line »Sponsors for Finds« and your full street address to: or call us at: +49 [0] 5468 9204-40.

We wish to thank all adopters of finds!

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Dr. Joerg-Peter Geisler
Klaus-Jürgen Gran
Manfred Hugo
Nils Jung
Karsten Keune
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Leander Kraut
Manfred Marske
Dr. Claus-Peter Meyer
Birgit Priesmeyer
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Alexander Maxim Ostendorf
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