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Prizes and Awards

2009 – red dot communication design award 2009 for the special exhibition »CONFLICT«

2007 – Registration for Museums in Lower Saxony and Bremen, Germany
Museum and Park Kalkriese qualify for registration by the Ministry for Science and Culture of Lower Saxony, the Museum Association of Lower Saxony and Bremen e.V. and the Sparkassen-Foundation of Lower Saxony.

2005 – Nomination of the Special Exhibition »Theodor Mommsen« for the Design-Prize of Germany
nominated by the German Design Council of the Federal Republic of Germany

2005 – Europa Nostra - European Heritage Award 2004
European Union Prize for Cultural Heritage – Category: Archaeological Sites. »For the educational and innovative interpretation of an ancient battlefield – which commemorates a decisive event in European history – and for the deciphering and presentation of the scant remains by interdisciplinary scientific research.«  »This is how Europa Nostra formulated the short version of the laudation for the European Heritage Award 2004 with which you are awarded today and could also be called a Nobel prize for the care and preservation of historical monuments.« - Excerpt from Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Emil Hädlers' speech on the occasion of the presentation of prizes

2004 – Nomination for the European Museum of the Year 2003 Award by the European Museum Forum

2004 – Special Prize »Impulse 2004« by the Initiative for Tourism of the Ministry for Economy of Lower Saxony

2004 – Special Prize of the Innovation Prize for Tourism of Lower Saxony by the TourismusMarketing Niedersachsen GmbH

2004 – Award of the Art Directors Club Germany (ADC). An award for the composition of the special exhibition »Theodor Mommsen« organised by the agency »verb«, Essen

2003 – BDA-Prize Lower Saxony - Accolade as an exemplary building by the Association of German Architects (BDA)

2002 – Award in the competition »German Steel Construction« by »Bauen mit Stahl e.V.«, a corporate organisation of the German Steel Industry and the German Steel Construction Association (DSTV)

2002 – Nomination for the State Prize for Architecture of Lower Saxony
Building and upgrading central locations, nomination for the architects' office of Anette Gigon and Mike Guyer

2001 – Fritz-Schumacher-Prize of the Alfred-Töpfer-Foundation for Architecture and Urban Development

2001 – Weser-Ems-Prize from the OLB-Foundation for Architecture and Civil Engineering