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Special exhibition “2 Million Years of Migration”

25 April - 25 October 2020

A look at the past reveals that migration has been part of the essence of being human since the beginning.

For two million years, people have been setting out in search of food, water or a geographic region that promises a livelihood and a future. A journey through 2 million years of human history reveals fascinating traces of constant mobility and a lively exchange during all periods. This exhibition shows why we have always been on the move and why we will continue to be so. From the oldest testimonies of the early humans and their encounters, we travel to ancient Rome, to the Migration Period and to the Osnabrücker Land (greater Osnabrück region) at the time of the great emigration to America.

Public guided tour (in German language)
Duration 60 min., admission 3.00 €
Sundays and holidays, 4:00 pm