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Ink, Texts, Tacitus
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How the talk turned to the Varus Battle …

Special exhibition 23 April 2007 until end of October 2008


A few years after the devastating defeat in 9 AD Roman legionnaires once again reached the scene of the Varus Battle: »They visited the mournful scenes, with their atrocious sights and full of horrific memories.« In his annals the Roman historian Cornelius Tacitus vividly wrote down this historic moment. To this day this text passage forms the key for the historical approach to the Varus Battle.


Fortunately we are still able to hold the ancient texts in our hands. Maybe it was not only pure luck, but a gift of history. Only a few ancient texts were able to survive the years into the present.


  Ausstellung The special exhibition highlighted the literary source of the Varus Battle. It told the story of the cultural technique which often is taken for granted so that we rarely acknowledge it: the history of writing and of the books.


Additional to the special exhibition we offered a guided tour; the museum's educational programme »The stolen Script« and theme days for the theme of the year 2007 »Tinte, Texte, Tacitus«.


Sonderausstellung 1 Manager Dr. Josef Rottmann, Director of the museum Heidrun Derks M. A. and project member Dr. Tillmann Bendikowski on the opening day.







The exhibition ended on November 3rd 2008.

Sonderausstellung 2