2000 years Varus Battle - a Retrospective -

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2,000 Years Varus Battle – a Retrospective

Roman and Germanic Warriors on the Battlefield


Roemertage-2009In June 2009, at the original site of the Varus Battle, more than 400 reenactors of Romans and Germanic people – more than ever before – traveled back in time and set up their tents in Kalkriese’s museum park, where they lived like contemporaries of Roman emperor Augustus for four days. During the Roman and Germanic Days, more than 26,000 visitors took this unique opportunity to experience what life might have been like. A round tour of the Roman and Germanic camps led to various displays, participation offers and program items. On the busy market place – the dealers’ area – visitors could hear, smell and taste what Roman and Germanic life might have been like in antiquity. The highlight of the Roman and Germanic Days was the reenactment of the historical battle’s scenes. The participants physically exerted themselves to revive the battle scenes as convincingly as possible. Young and old alike were spellbound by their show.


Rapping Romans … grooving Germanic Warriors


Musical-10500 children from 18 schools in the county of Osnabrück made the children’s Musical »Kleiner Germane in Rom« (Little Germanic Boy in Rome) an unforgettable event at Museum und Park Kalkriese. The musical narrative inspired by the young Cheruscan Arminius and his exciting adventures had been worked out with a lot of imagination, yet based on historical knowledge. With their atmospheric staging consisting of music, dance and theater, Bad Essen-based composers and married couple Thekla and Lutz Schäfer made the everyday life of Germanic and Roman children accessible to today’s youth. For months, both participants and helpers in the background had worked hard on turning »Kleiner Germane in Rom« into a unique event. The sold-out performances were a huge success and a definite highlight of the music weeks at Museum und Park Kalkriese.


Classical Music at Kalkriese


HermannMeetsHaendelIn June 2009, classical music was an important theme at Museum und Park Kalkriese. Impressive music events with an international flair were performed here under the open sky. »Der Tribun« by Mauricio Kagel alienated and demolished the music’s military march character, until it eventually began to miss its beat. With »Hermann meets Händel« Herbert Feuerstein traced the tradition of Baroque opera pieces in front of an enlightened audience. The oratory »Arminius« by Max Bruch, performed by Rheinische Kantorei and Göttinger Symphonie Orchester, conducted by Hermann Max, conveyed what hero worship translated into music sounded like at the times of Emperor Wilhelm II and Theodor Mommsen. The special atmosphere of the antique battlefield at Kalkriese and these musical highlights took the audience on a trip into the past.